Many companies have a web presence, however, very few use the internet to its full potential. JGi Internet Marketing was founded with the vision to provide effective, dynamic, and profit creating solutions that will use the power of the internet to market your business to the new generation of consumer.

Jack Gilberg
Jack Gilberg
Jack Gilberg, Our Founder and President

Our founder, Jack Gilberg, learned many business and life lessons from his grandfather and father while growing up and working in the family furniture business. He attended Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio and graduated with a degree in Business and Computer Science in 1983. He continued his education and has earned additional certifications in marketing, business, computer network engineering, application programming, and has been trained in most of the major software applications used in today's business environment.

Jack has over 25 years of experience in a variety of positions including business applications development and implementation, computer network engineering and implementation, owner of a computer and software development company, president and general manager of a retail furniture operation, and served as a sales and marketing consultant for a major furniture manufacturer.

The business environment has changed drastically over the past decade. Technology has created a new generation of consumer. Jack has an optimistic outlook and sees tremendous growth and profit opportunity for businesses that embrace today's technology. He looks forward to being able to use his experience and expertise as well as those of his company, JGi Internet Marketing, to help your business effectively and efficiently utilize the internet to market to the new generation.

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